Winchmate Self Tailing Conversion - Barient & Barlow #27-#36 -- Wish you had self tailers, but can't afford them?  Now you a fraction of the cost!  Don't trade in your perfectly good winch!

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Compare to new self-tailing winches and save thousands!

New hope for Barient winch owners! Convert Barient and Barlow sailboat winches into self-tailing winch sets.



Thank you so much for the help converting my winches. I have put over 20,000 sea miles down on them and cannot be more pleased. I have no idea what the cost would have been to buy already made self tailing winches size 35 and I have no idea what it would have been like all those miles doing it the old fashioned way. I am truly grateful and am sending you some photos to show how well they have held up all these years. Thanks so much...

S/V Wayward Wind

Good Morning David,

Winchmates are on the boat...! No problems for the assembling: fifteen minutes for each. They seem really very high quality.

Claude Verriere


I've fit the conversions and gone out sailing a couple of times. They work exactly as promised and have even impressed my wifeóno mean feat. Thank you for all your help during the process. The use of a single fiber washer on each winch was just right to make it all work. Great idea.

If you have enquiries from anyone in the Boston area I'd be happy for you to put them in touch with me so they can see the units.


Rob Powell (Sailing)